E Cigarette Reviews

The Best E Cigarette Reviews for 2014

There are very few smoking alternatives for those that want to keep smoking but don’t want the bad health consequences. Years ago, you might as well have hung it up. Today though, there is a product out there that companies that produce it claim it isn’t bad for you like smoking is.

The product is the e cigarette. There are a variety of companies out there that produce them. One of them is called Green Smoke, and they offer a guarantee of 30 days or your money back if you don’t like it. They have different kits including the starter kit, which now is the pro kit.

From the reviews that I looked through online, you still had the feeling in the throat like it was a real cigarette. The flavor was also there like a real one. But the technology was great because there wasn’t any ash or fire.

There have been improvements to the e cigarette. Now the vapor volume is greater than the original or first ones on the market, so it actually feels more like you are smoking a real cigarette than just smoking a fake, electronic one. The V2 Cigs brand has a known reputation for being most alike the real thing.

E cigarettes are battery operated, and again, the reviews of these shows that they last a good while. Being battery operated makes it to where the customer has consistence in his or her puffing experience, whereas in the past the e cigarette would have drags that weakened over time. White Cloud Cigarettes has one of the lightest weight e cigarette battery I have ever used and make holding it just a regular cigarette less awkward.

Most reviews show that most people that try an e cigarette end up saying that it is very similar to smoking a real cigarette, and the flavors involved worked well in conjunction with the e cigarette.

The different companies are in heavy competition with each other now, and this is due to the fact that there are now many different ones out there in comparison to when they first came out. So you can get good deals on the electronic cigarettes from these companies.

There are companies out there now that claim that the cost of a pack (if you buy their kits) will average around $1.50-2.00 a pack. Some e cigarette reviews say that this isn’t always the case. It depends on the smoking style of the individual, as well as other factors according to the reviews. So it is going to vary from smoker to smoker, but most say it is cheaper than smoking a real cigarette.

E Cigarette Reviews The Issues

There are some complaints that certain e cigarettes will issue a little bit of noise when you inhale it. But all in all, the drag is not harsh, and you can feel it in the throat as mentioned previously. One review said that the vapor volume is good, but that it takes a few puffs on the e cigarette before you can build up a large vapor volume.

E cigarettes are new to the market in comparison to real cigarettes, so even though you can read reviews and get some sense of what is out there, you will have to try them yourself to get hard facts on this new product.